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About this site

These wikis serve a purpose

As I spin up web-servers on a regular basis, I need documentation that i rely on and don't have to surf the web on finding an answer I should already know! These wikis used to be seperate when i was web-hosting - now they need to be on the same subdomain - hense this landing page!

  • If my media server goes down - I need to know how to rebuild the server stack
  • Although I know what I need for a web-server, I also need all my web-servers running exactly the same way!

Wiki Links

These links are to my wikis and my IT Blog

Media Wiki

This wiki documents on how to set up a media server

Web Services Wiki

This wiki documents on how to set up a web-server, and some other cool stuff!

My IT blog

This blog is all about my IT endevours as well as some solutions to issues I have had in the past