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I have built was been quoted as an 'amazing' 'awesome' and 'very cool' setup. This is it in a new format, Rodney the Server (it was named as such on the Kodi forum!) is now a FULLY FOSS Media Server. These are the neccessary steps for you to have an 'amazing' 'awesome' and 'very cool' Server too!

This will give you a Server that runs a networked PVR, holds your Music, Movie and TV Boxsets. It will also be able to hold a shared database for Kodi, as well as backing up your library and databases - as well as using Sonarr and Radarr to manage your large library.

Told you it'd be cool!

Specs are up to the user. I have looked at NAS OS's in the past, and not one could do everything I wanted, so I just built one myself! In true FOSS - this is here as I want to share.

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