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How to install Ubuntu Server 20.04

  • Download Ubuntu Server 20.04 from here: choosing option 3
  • Either set up a virtual machine or insert the disk onto a physical machine.
  • Once you get to this screen, you will be asked to pick your local language on this screen

  • Highlight it, and click enter.
  • Next, you will be asked to select your keybaord and layout. again highlight, and click enter

  • Next, you choose whetther you want your router to provide a local IP address, or whetehr you want to provide a staic one:
  • This screen is for DHCP:

  • This one is for static IP addres but click on Manual to do so:

  • Then once the network has been added, click enter, then add proxy address, if you are hiding behind a proxy:

  • Click enter
  • Next, you will be asked to sort out storage, for best reults, use an entire disk, deselect 'Setup this disk as an LVM group' unless you know what you are doing!

  • Once you have set up your storage, click on 'Continue' to write the changes to the disk.

  • Next, you will be asked to add the first profile to the server, so just fill in the answers on this screen.

  • So you can remote access the server from another machine on your network, install ssh

  • You will then come to the 'snaps install' screen - for the basis of this wiki, we will NOT be using snaps, so if you are following, leave ALL unchecked.

  • And click on done.
  • Once you have done all this, you should end up with this screen

  • Once the installation has finished, remover the disk/USB or unmount iso, and then reboot.

Congratulations, you now have a brand new shiny Ubuntu Vanilla Server!

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